Monday, August 12, 2013

Walking this life alone

Met this patient this morning....we was a single women...faced with the decision of doing opertion or not...a very righ rsk operation and she has no one to discuss it with. She was not married, no kids and only her sister is with her. 

She told that it was hard for her to decide as she is alone, whatever she decides, it will be her own decision and herself to face the consequences. 

It makes my heartache. What if one day i am like her? Alone and lonely, no one to confide in. What will happen? Myself to face death and the end of my life. 

But i am already halfway through life and i do not think there is any way i can change the fact that i ill face life myself. 

Of course i would want sisters to find happiness, find someone to love. But as for me, what is the point to look for a life partner that in the end will just cause more misery in my life. I might as well life for myself. 

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